I want you to know something, my love.

All that you’ve experienced, there’s a Divine Plan to it all. Whatever it is you’ve been able to overcome, the world is witness your wisdom, your truth, your process. Understanding that life is happening for you, not to you, you begin to unlock the mystery of your hue-man experience.

Your message is the medicine the world’s been waiting to experience. You have a responsibility to unapologetically share your truth and radiate your radness. You have total permission to build and design the business + life you truly desire. It takes your willingness to honor all facets of your hue-man experience as you choose to be victorious. You honoring your worth and you valuing that you have something beautiful to share is destined to move the masses.

The time is now for you to show up, step up, and unleash your medicine. You have full permission to activate your abundance as you go forth and share your medicine with the world. Now’s the opportunity for you to align to your soul’s destiny. You are here to revolutionize humanity.

Let me Guess How Your Journey Brought You Here...

Up until this very breath, your life has been a wild ride. There's been ups and downs along the way. You’ve witnessed some tough losses, navigated through some challenging experiences, and now, you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to see things differently. You’re calling in a miracle and are saying enough with the BS. 

You’re done playing small. You have something brewing inside of you that’s ready to be unleashed. You’ve been doing your best to build the impacting business and life. You keep finding yourself stuck in the old loops and patterns that aren’t serving. You’ve done the courses and invested in the programs and coaches. Bought the books of your favorite Spiritual Leaders and participated in all the free webinars. You've subscribed to countless email lists, downloaded loads of freebies and found yourself never touching them. 

My love. I totally get it. I’ve been there too.

As someone who's been able to navigate through some wild journeys, like being struck by lightning and doing my best to overcome prolonged depression, I was on a mission to turn the ship around and create the business and life I've always seen myself designing and activating. What I learned from my 4-year sabbatical was that for me to anchor the business and life I truly desired, I had to be willing to dive in deep and face my pains, traumas, and limiting beliefs that were running the show. I could have had the education, wisdom, and knowledge to build my business, but it wasn't the solution. I had to do the deep internal work in order to plant the seeds in order for me to THRIVE. It was up to me to DECIDE that enough was enough and I was ready to Unleash My Medicine with the World.

Here's the Secret, Babe...

For you to begin to unleash your medicine with the world, you must be willing to dive in deep and honor what arises. You must be willing to discover the patterns + stories that are keeping you stuck and playing small. The inner always creates the outer. The more you look outside of you to dictate your happiness, the more you’ll find yourself feeling disempowered. As you begin to be brave + courageous by diving within, you can begin to love the fragmented parts of you + your journey that have been yearning for your love.

As you do, you'll begin to Radiate your Radness + THRIVE.

Hey boo.

I am Sabrina Riccio and I’m committed to you get there.

As a Modern Medicine Woman and a Intuitive Brand Strategist, I’m here to let you know you are always Divinely Guided and that you’re so not alone. Actually, you’re right on time! An old soul and a mystic at heart, I understand that all of what we’ve experienced in our lives has been perfect. Things are always happening behind the scenes. What matters is your attitude and beliefs around your current situation as your desires and dreams become your reality.

What I can tell you is that whatever bullsh*t you've experienced over the years, it's about to make sense. Through my experience, it's gifted me the capacity to be more compassionate, to be able to see you, to hold the space for your transformation, and to witness you THRIVE.

I spent over FOUR YEARS on a deep spiritual sabbatical after I was struck by lightning and my whole world went upside down. You see, I was on a mission to make the world a better and brighter place. My heart was there, but my energetic capacity was weak after years of repressed trauma and depression running the show. Because I was unaware of the importance of doing the deep inner work, I ended up crashing and burning.

I was burnt out. My light was dim.

I knew there was a better alternative.

Simply by deciding that I was worthy of experiencing so much more, I've been able to unleash my medicine, connect and collaborate with incredible change makers around the world, produce the chart-topping The Sovereign Society Podcast, and have been the catalyst for thousands of people to amplify their hue-man experience and revolutionize hue-manity.

Through my experience, I've been able to activate my legacy and it's safe to say, I've only scratched the surface.

The world ain't seen nothin' yet and I'm here to help you get there too, my love.

My mission is to help you Embrace all Facets of your Hue-man Experience to Activate Your Legacy and Unleash your Medicine with the World.

My Signature Group Mentorship Experience Designed to Help You Transmute and Unleash Your Medicine with the World.


We are living in times of massive shift. As we continue to transmute and heal the past through forgiveness, compassion, and unity, we authentically show up in the world. You've been diving into your Spiritual Quest only to discover that something has been holding you back.

My love, this is the time for you to step out of the Spiritual Closet and show us who you truly are. 

You see, you bring something only you can offer. Truth is, you are here to authentically share you. It’s about you discovering within you the very blocks that have kept you playing small. It’s about the time that you come out here and share your authentic radness with all of us because we've been waiting for you!

Radiating out your authentic radness, sharing your medicine, and cultivating a deep sense of community, connection, and vulnerability, you begin to heal the world from the deep pain it’s been carrying. Let's face it. You came here for a deep purpose to bless this place with the very gifts and medicine that have supported you along the way.

THRIVE is here to support you as you go forth and anchor in your brilliance, your radiance, your gifts, your beauty, your grace, and your love. It's about you honor you, how far you've come, while at the same time, honoring the fact that you're just getting started...

... the world ain't seen nothing quite like you. We're ready for you.

Ready to Show us Just What You've Got?

❖ Discover, Honor, and Unleash your Medicine

❖ Activate Crystalline Boundaries

❖  Lay the foundation for your Sacred Empire

❖  Consolidate Your Energy to anchor in more ABUNDANCE + opportunities

❖ Transmute what doesn’t serve and align to what does

❖ Get out of the loop and into the flow

❖ Tap into your inner wisdom + intuition to lead the masses with your message and radiance

❖ Balance your Masculine + Feminine Energy to create the solid foundation to structure + build your sacred empire

❖ Honor your journey + trust your process as you see Life happening for you, not to you

❖ Revolutionize Humanity as you Align to your Soul’s Destiny + Anchor the Golden Era

❖ Unleash your Sat Nam by Stepping Out of the Spiritual Closet

❖ Become a sacred disruptor to heal yourself and the masses

During this 8 week experience, you’ll begin to...

Unleash Your Medicine

Awake and activate your passions, your you-nique talents, gifts, and medicine to share with the world. Working with the power of Kundalini Yoga, you’ll unleash your life force, break through the blocks, and radiate your Sat Nam. You’ll begin to tap into and increase your highest potential as you go forth and share your truth with conviction. The world is ready for you to lead and empower the masses to activate + unleash their medicine with the world.

Reclaim Your Authentic Power

Discover the New Paradigm of Business

The world of business has shifted and we are experiencing a new paradigm of what it means to be successful in the Golden Era. As Soulistic Leaders, we understand the importance of taking responsibility for ourselves and our well-being in order to succeed, lead, and THRIVE. During this experience, you'll begin to heal from the inside out in order to create the foundation and solid container to activate your legacy and unleash your medicine with the world, all while cultivating a healthy work-life balance. You are here to not just work, work, work, work, work… you’re here to have fun and live it up too!

Reclaim your Authentic Power + implement quantum healing to transmute what’s been keeping you small from the inside-out. You have the power to rewrite the stories of your ancestors and lineage so that you can begin to implement and set the foundation for the generations to come. Begin to heal and transmute what’s ready to be released in order to make room for the abundance, opportunities, and prosperity that’s your birthright.

Awaken Your Inner Mystic

Remember, you are a spiritual being having a hue-man experience. Through Divine Guidance, you’ll begin to cultivate a Sacred Relationship with the cosmic + mystical forces as you go forth and live out your Divine Mission.Through Modern Mysticism, Quantum Expansion, and Metaphysics, you'll begin to connect and cultivate a deeper relationship with the Spiritual Realm to revolutionize humanity through your journey and medicine.

Cultivate A Loving Community

The Lone Wolf days are over. We are living in times where community wins. Every week, we'll gather together in sacred circle to hold space and activate one another with unconditional love and support. While you're part of a group, you'll also be able to receive weekly 1:1 mentorship support from yours truly to help you honor what arises as you go forth and begin to unleash your medicine and activate your Divine Destiny.

Honoring our journeys and healing our pain is an incredibly personal experience. And I suppose that may be true on some level. What I experienced through my journey with THRIVE and the community of women who embarked on this journey with me is that healing our pain does not have to be a journey of solitude. The support and love I felt and experienced from this group offered me the courage to go more deeply into my pain than I ever have before. True, deep, authentic healing and understanding was possible because I knew I would not be led into my shadows alone.

THRIVE created a sacred space for me to uncover my truth, to meet my worth, to claim my power and to accept myself fully as the beautiful being of energy that I am. I learned what it truly means to love myself, to accept myself and to open my heart to all of life's experiences. We have all experienced pain, darkness, trauma and grief. The shift in my perspective of those shadows within my Being is the greatest gift offered to me through THRIVE. I learned what it means to truly understand that life is happening for me and not to me. That my experiences are my own and how I choose to share those experiences with the Collective is the medicine I am here to offer. I believe that as souls, we create contracts prior to taking on a human body. We choose the experiences, families, cultures, etc. that we are born into so that we may fulfill the contracts we made as souls. THRIVE has offered me the roadmap to coming home to my soul's contract. Only love is real; everything else is an illusion.

THRIVE has guided me back to my sacred "why." My soul's calling to share that love is the point; the Oneness of all living things. That separation is the greatest illusion and when we do the deeper, inner work of healing and honoring our stories and our shadows we are also healing and honoring the stories of our ancestors and the Collective. THRIVE has been the purest medicine of my healing journey thus far. If you are being called to this experience, then it will be yours as well. Sat Nam

Blaire Zika

Reno, NV

I am filled with love and inspiration from experiencing THRIVE! It was my first ever coaching program and Sabrina, I honestly have no words to describe how incredible, supportive, gorgeous she is and am forever grateful for stumbling across her via her podcast (The Sovereign Society). I felt so many breakthroughs occur throughout, gained invaluable tools, had so many "aha" / "oh shit" moments and realizations, and uncovered where my blockages are. It's such a valuable journey to embark on and I couldn't recommend signing up to experience THRIVE enough, THANK YOU SHAMANESSA GODDESSA xoxoxo

Eliza Hedley

Perth, Australia

THRIVE has been such a beautiful and life changing experience. The thought, the love, and the vulnerability that built this course is evident throughout each module and offering. Sabrina's medicine is powerful and to experience it is a gift. THRIVE offers a space for true and deep healing with the tools, support, and community to guide you through the experience and come out the other side empowered and aligned with your truth. I have so much gratitude for Sabrina and this course. I know I will return to it again and again in the future.

Rachel Everson

Portland, OR

Sabrina's THRIVE program is like nothing else I've every experienced with on line coaching or in person. I also hired her as a business coach for one on one sessions and the combination has shifted me completely. THRIVE gave me immediate tools to work with that maintain me every day as well as a great community to be part of. The weekly content was spot on for where I was and what I was able to receive at the time. Sabrina doesn't hand hold, but rather holds me accountable in such a joyful way, it has empowered me and allowed so much needed inspiration in on my personal life as well as my business. Treating my whole self is having positive effects on my spiritual life as well as my family life and this is trickling down into my work. I've broken through years of frustration in this program and I feel like I've been given the tools, that as I keep using, are helping me propel into the next level in all aspects of my life. I would recommend this program 100% to anyone ready to up level in any or all areas of their life.

Kylie Cole

Doula Entrepreneur

Makawao, HI

Sabrina has truly dedicated blood, sweat, and tears into this program. If you’re honoring yourself enough and honoring the way she has shown up for us getting through these weekly lessons/blessings, you will truly gain all of the benefits that are waiting for you. Through her guidance and lessons I have healed an addiction I didn’t think I’d ever get rid of, I believe in my own power, and I can feel and respect the energy that surrounds us much stronger. I will forever have the love for Sabrina and this soul sister circle we all have gained.

Jahaira Nieto

Sewaren, NJ

In THRIVE, you are more than just a number, you are here to experience the love and personal support you've been calling in. Every week, we gather together for a Group Coaching Call to discuss whatever arises along your journey. While all the content will be released at once and it's a go at your own pace, working on a new chapter a week will help the information to be integrated into your being so that you can truly integrate the transformations that are about to be experienced during THRIVE.

Tune in to La Luna's Medicine + Energy

Optimize Your Relationship with the Planets

Utilize Astrology to Navigate through Time + Space

Begin to Step Out of the Spiritual Closet

Unleash the Power of your Soul's Journey

Learn What it Takes to Protect Your Energy

Authentically Share + Radiate your Truth

Embrace Your Human Experience as a Spiritual Being

Become Confident in your Being to Show Up

Understand the Power of your Vibrational Frequency

Navigate through the Golden Era with Grace

Bless Up Humanity through your Being

Group Gathering | 3/12

Group Gathering | 3/5

Group Gathering | 3/19

Group Gathering | 3/26

𓋹 40-Day Meditation Experience to Shift your Subconscious + Accountability Calendar

𓋹 8 Weekly Prerecorded Soul Sessions for you to go at your own pace

𓋹 8 Weekly Reflection Experiences to transmute the old, anchor in the new, and make space for the Miracles coming through

𓋹 8 Live Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

𓋹 Lifetime Access to the course + the Thrive Community on Facebook + an Instagram pod to support one another throughout the journey and beyond

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to magnetize your brand using Instagram! We’ll help you narrow down on your niche to provide you with a laser-focused content strategy. We’ll also help you maximize your discoverability with an easy-to-execute hashtag strategy, along with actionable captions to attract and convert your tribe!

About Miranda: Miranda is a digital marketing expert and branding enthusiast. With over 7 years of professional experience at the agency and in-house level, she has worked with major brands like Mamma Chia, Nena & Co., Pura Vida Bracelets and RainbowOPTX to create highly engaging content & social media campaigns. She is the owner of Planet Palm Creative, a boutique creative marketing agency catering to purpose-driven lifestyle brands. Their mission is to help brands inspire, influence and activate their online communities.

☾ Sadhana | A Guide to Thrive and Align Through Daily Self Love and Ritual Ebook brought to you by the Sovereign Society Podcast

☾ 30+ Kundalini Mantras Guidebook

☾ Wake. Pray. Slay. | 8 Weekly Morning Ceremonies to Honor the Week Ahead

☾ 7 Prerecorded Kundalini Yoga Classes

Sabrina genuinely cares about her tribe and it shows! Unlimited support and encouragement from that lady! To me, an experience is important. Sabrina made sure everything was held sacred. I loved when she sent personalized videos in our groups! And she always kept us updated. I feel more inspired, supported and creative! The level of security has risen! I have gained more confidence and I am more secure of who I am and what I stand for.

Sarah Hjorthol

Holistic Coach

Although a previous coaching program I did wasn't personalized, I felt a much deeper connection with you, Sabrina. I felt like we dived really deep. I felt like we went down to some of the deepest, darkest wounds, permeated and transmuted them. I feel like a different human with a different energy because of this program and you. I had to come up with my own answers, with my own story. They were not given to me, but you created the sacred space for me to do so with ease and grace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Carly Wilkinson


Sabrina’s Thrive Program is worth it! The courses cover a lot of ‘potent’ information that is delivered to you in a beautifully designed website that’s easy to use. The topics covered are invaluable and will resonate with you on a soul level! Sabrina is exceptionally supportive throughout the entire course. Make sure to do the assignments as they help implement the teachings! I am grateful for the new knowledge I’ve gained and the confidence to live an authentic life!

Ashley Thesman

Thrive is such a powerful, beautiful & transformative experience where we learn to honor ourselves... not only for ourselves but the greater collective of our families and communities. It allows you to work through the trauma.. both yours & your ancestors so you can show up instead of playing out the same unsupported dynamics... all while building a loving community of sisterhood.

Thank you, Sabrina, for your medicine.

Lauren Robinson


New Orleans, LA

There are no words to describe THRIVE! It's been a Soul journey. I've never dived this deep into the WHY'S of my person struggles. That I buried deep inside myself for years. Simple guided discussions with Sabrina has help me define why my past was holding me back. I LOVE that I've been able to connect with my inner child. I almost forgot she was there and she reminded me that I need to have more fun. I was holding back for so long I forgot to acknowledge what I needed. I allow myself to feel and express myself without the shame. besides all that she dives deep into manifesting and astrology, with incredible content. Every week builds on each other to give you a strong foundation. I can't thank you enough Sabrina. Our private sessions have been life-changing. The extra support has helped keep me on track. I only see more growth from this point on.


Monica Iskander

New York, NY

Are Payment Plans available?

Yes. Yes. Yes!! There are Payment Plans available to best honor you with where you are. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at hello@sabrinariccio.com

What happens if I fall behind? Will it be difficult to keep up?

The great thing about online soul journeys is that you get to go at your own pace. While accountability is crucial, you’ll get out of this experience what you put in. That’s how it works in all areas of life. This is perfect to honor what arises and to take the time to follow through and integrate the transmission coming through in each chapter. It’s all about honoring the journey and trusting the process.

Take inventory on your energy and how you spend your time. Let’s face it… everything is energy. You have just as many hours in a day as Oprah. Allow Thrive to be part of your daily flow. Make it a priority. As you begin to commit to Thrive, you’ll begin to see how much you CRAVE it, because this is potent medicine here!

You are here to uplevel and bless up this place with your medicine. The world is ready for you to unleash your radness.

Can I expect the results I’m looking for?

Again, what you'll experience is based on how willing you are to do the work and show up fully. PSA. I’m not a genie. I'm not Sabrina the Teenage Witch here. I can’t tell you, yes, and I can’t tell you no. You’ll experience what it is you need to experience. We all have our own process in this journey called life… you have to Trust Yours.

The Universe always is working behind the scenes, delivering you your desires according to Divine Timing. It’s about you becoming a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to what it is you desire. THRIVE is here to support you to get there.

Any other Questions?

Feel free to reach out at hello@sabrinariccio.com

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