𓆃 You're hearing + feeling that it's time for you to show up and step up and into the world.

𓆃 Your deepest desire is to take that leap of faith, but some little voice inside your head has been holding you back.

𓆃 You've seen these patterns of hiding in the Spiritual Closet run over and over and over again, leaving you stuck in this vicious loop, and you've had enough.

𓆃 You have this itch and desire to make the radical shift into the business and/or the life you've always seen yourself experiencing.

𓆃 You know, through your experience, that you are a powerful beacon of light, hope, and inspiration to the world and now is the time for you to shine.

𓆃 You're ready to amplify your hue-man experience by beginning to create a life that exceeds your expectations + your wildest dreams.

Does this Sound Familiar...

I see you, babe.

This is the Invitation You've Been Waiting for.

Humanity is ready for an upgrade. A New Paradigm is ready to be anchored in, and it begins with you! Regardless if it's in your business or your life, you allowing yourself to show up as your full, authentic self inspires the world + gives others the permission they've been yearning for. To get there, you must be willing to dive in deep, get honest about the stories that have held you back, and show up as your full, authentic self. This is our time to come together, support one another with our visions for the future and uplift the collective with our love, our radiance, our truth.

The world is READY for your medicine.

We are living in times of massive shift. As we continue to transmute and heal the past through forgiveness, compassion, and unity, we authentically show up in the world. You've been diving into your Spiritual Quest only to discover that something has been holding you back.

My love, this is the time for you to step out of the Spiritual Closet

and show us who you truly are.

You see, you bring something only you can offer. Truth is, you are here to authentically share you. It’s about you discovering within you the very blocks that have kept you playing small. It’s about the time that you come out here and share your authentic radness with all of us because we've been waiting for you!

Radiating out your authentic radness, sharing your medicine, and cultivating a deep sense of community, connection, and vulnerability, you begin to heal the world from the deep pain it’s been carrying. Let's face it. You came here for a deep purpose to bless this place with the very gifts and medicine that have supported you along the way.

THRIVE is here to support you as you go forth and anchor in your brilliance, your radiance, your gifts, your beauty, your grace, and your love. It's about you honor you, how far you've come, while at the same time, honoring the fact that you're just getting started...

... the world ain't seen nothing quite like you. We're ready for you.

Are You Ready to Show us Just How Radiant You Really Are?

𓂀 How to amplify your Hue-man Experience

𓂀 Your inner mystic to awaken to your cosmic truth

𓂀 Your authentic radness + what it means to share your unique radiance with the world

𓂀 How to restore humanity through your story

𓂀 How to actualize your dreams + desires quickly, effectively, and effortlessly

𓂀 Deep Ancestral Karma + Inner Child Conflict to anchor in who YOU  truly are

𓂀 Your Kundalini Creative Energy to lead with authenticity

𓂀 Transform Your Trauma into Triumph

𓂀 How You Can Honor and Respect your Boundaries Better than ever before

𓂀 Mystical Tools + Rituals  to help you Thrive + Align to your Highest Self

𓂀 The power of your thoughts, actions + beliefs and how it's actively creating your reality

𓂀 How to Elevate your Vibration to become a match to your heart's desires

𓂀 Become a Sovereign Leader by creating your own rules

...plus so much more!

Over these 8 Weeks, You'll Uncoil...

Every week, we gather together for a Group Coaching Call to discuss whatever arises along your journey. While all the content will be released at once and it's a go at your own pace, working on a new chapter a week will help the information to be integrated into your being so that you can truly integrate the transformations that are about to be experienced during THRIVE.

Tune in to La Luna's Medicine + Energy

Optimize Your Relationship with the Planets

Utilize Astrology to Navigate through Time + Space

Begin to Step Out of the Spiritual Closet

Unleash the Power of your Soul's Journey

Learn What it Takes to Protect Your Energy

Authentically Share + Radiate your Truth

Embrace Your Human Experience as a Spiritual Being

Become Confident in your Being to Show Up

Understand the Power of your Vibrational Frequency

Navigate through the Golden Era with Grace

Bless Up Humanity through your Being

𓋹 40-Day Meditation Experience to Shift your Subconscious + Accountability Calendar

𓋹 8 Weekly Prerecorded Soul Sessions for you to go at your own pace

𓋹 8 Weekly Reflection Experiences to transmute the old, anchor in the new, and make space for the Miracles coming through

𓋹 8 Live Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

𓋹 4 Prerecorded Kundalini Yoga Classes

𓋹 Lifetime Access to the course + the Thrive Community on Facebook + an Instagram pod to support one another throughout the journey and beyond

When you pay in full, you'll receive a FREE ROSE QUARTZ YONI EGG + a FREE 30-Minute Mentorship Call



Pay 50% down now, and pay 50% a month from today!



When you break it down, that's less than $6 a day!



Head's Up, Babe!

The Investment of THRIVE will double come 2019. If you're ready to snag the 2018 Investment opportunity listed above, claim your spot + apply before October 31st

Pay in Full and receive a FREE ROSE QUARTZ YONI EGG + a FREE 30-Minute Mentorship Call



Pay 50% down now, and pay 50% a month from today!



Upgrade your Experience with Bi-Weekly 1:1 Mentoring

4 | 45 minute Mentorship Calls with Sabrina + Personalized Kundalini Daily Ritual

valued at $999

Head's Up, Babe!

The Investment of THRIVE will double come 2019. If you're ready to snag the 2018 Investment opportunity listed above, claim your spot + apply before October 31st

Sabrina genuinely cares about her tribe and it shows! Unlimited support and encouragement from that lady! To me, an experience is important. Sabrina made sure everything was held sacred. I loved when she sent personalized videos in our groups! And she always kept us updated. I feel more inspired, supported and creative! The level of security has risen! I have gained more confidence and I am more secure of who I am and what I stand for.

Sarah Hjorthol

Holistic Coach

Although a previous coaching program I did wasn't personalized, I felt a much deeper connection with you, Sabrina. I felt like we dived really deep. I felt like we went down to some of the deepest, darkest wounds, permeated and transmuted them. I feel like a different human with a different energy because of this program and you. I had to come up with my own answers, with my own story. They were not given to me, but you created the sacred space for me to do so with ease and grace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Carly Wilkinson


Sabrina’s Thrive Program is worth it! The courses cover a lot of ‘potent’ information that is delivered to you in a beautifully designed website that’s easy to use. The topics covered are invaluable and will resonate with you on a soul level! Sabrina is exceptionally supportive throughout the entire course. Make sure to do the assignments as they help implement the teachings! I am grateful for the new knowledge I’ve gained and the confidence to live an authentic life!

Ashley Thesman

Sat nam, babe! My name is Sabrina Riccio and I’m a Master Intuitive, Modern Medicine Priestess, and Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, amplifying Change Makers to honor all facets of their human experience. More than anything, I'm here to support you as you recognize that all has been unfolding according to Divine Plan. You are here to become victorious and reclaim your sovereignty once and for all. Unapologetically sharing your medicine with the world, babe. I'm on a mission to anchor in Heaven on Earth, or what I like to call Experience the Golden Era.

I lived many years hiding in the spiritual closet because I was afraid of my power. After years and I mean years of deep depression, mental illness, and feeling like no one could see me, I began to honor myself by becoming the light I wish to see in the world. During my 4 year Sabbatical, I transmuted and reclaimed my power back, found my voice, and unleashed my radness unapologetically. Now, I'm here to support you on your journey as you go forth and share your medicine with the world!

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to magnetize your brand using Instagram! We’ll help you narrow down on your niche to provide you with a laser focused content strategy. We’ll also help you maximize your discoverability with an easy-to-execute hashtag strategy, along with actionable captions to attract and convert your tribe!

About Miranda: Miranda is a digital marketing expert and branding enthusiast. With over 7 years of professional experience at the agency and in-house level, she has worked with major brands like Mamma Chia, Nena & Co., Pura Vida Bracelets and RainbowOPTX to create highly engaging content & social media campaigns. She is the owner of Planet Palm Creative, a boutique creative marketing agency catering to purpose-driven lifestyle brands. Their mission is to help brands inspire, influence and activate their online communities.

☾ Sadhana | A Guide to Thrive and Align Through Daily Self Love and Ritual Ebook brought to you by the Sovereign Society Podcast

☾ 30+ Kundalini Mantras Guidebook

☾ Wake. Pray. Slay. | 8 Weekly Morning Ceremonies to Honor the Week Ahead

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Take the Leap and Apply Now

I want to sign up, but I can’t afford it right now.

Through experience, I’ve noticed that when I have a high sense of worthiness, it feels expansive to invest in myself. Often times when we don’t honor our energy and find ourselves as victims to our finances, there’s a deep rooted block that’s needed to be transmuted. I want you to know something… money is energy. That’s all. It’s all about your story around money, really. Your relationship to your finances and how you view money is exactly what you will experience. Like attracts like. That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

Get honest with yourself and take inventory about your beliefs around money. How do you choose to spend your money? Are you purchasing things for the instant high or are you investing in things that will support you in the long run?

In this course, you are bound to uplevel your belief system around all areas in your life. Why? Because this is about a soulistic relationship between all the facets of life… money, relationships, business, health, happiness, soul. There is no separation, they all support each other.

You get to decide that you’re ready to rewrite the story because you are the creator of your reality.

The overall investment of this course is $999. That’s $124 a week. To help some out who are on the path of reclaiming their abundance mentality, there are also 2 payment options, a monthly payment plan and a tri-weekly payment plan which means every 3 weeks, you’ll pay $186. When you break that down, it’s less than $6 a day. If you take to account where your money is going and how you honor it,  you begin to heal and strengthen your relationship with your money and you’ll begin to transmute the money struggle once and for all.

Are Payment Plans available?

Yes. Yes. Yes!! There are Payment Plans available to best honor you with where you are. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at hello@sabrinariccio.com

What happens if I fall behind? Will it be difficult to keep up?

The great thing about online soul journeys is that you get to go at your own pace. While accountability is crucial, you’ll get out of this experience what you put in. That’s how it works in all areas of life. This is perfect to honor what arises and to take the time to follow through and integrate the transmission coming through in each chapter. It’s all about honoring the journey and trusting the process.

Take inventory on your energy and how you spend your time. Let’s face it… everything is energy. You have just as many hours in a day as Oprah. Allow Thrive to be part of your daily flow. Make it a priority. As you begin to commit to Thrive, you’ll begin to see how much you CRAVE it, because this is potent medicine here!

You are here to uplevel and bless up this place with your medicine. The world is ready for you to unleash your radness.

Can I expect the results I’m looking for?

Again, what you'll experience is based on how willing you are to do the work and show up fully. PSA. I’m not a genie. I'm not Sabrina the Teenage Witch here. I can’t tell you yes, and I can’t tell you no. You’ll experience what it is you need to experience. We all have our own process in this journey called life… you have to Trust Yours.

The Universe always is working behind the scenes, delivering you your desires according to Divine Timing. It’s about you becoming a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to what it is you desire. THRIVE is here to support you to get there.

Any other Questions?

Feel free to reach out at hello@sabrinariccio.com

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